Beat the Rush: Back-to-School Physicals

Summer break means long lazy days, life at a slower pace, and the past school year seems to be but a memory. Yet, the clock is ticking on the new school year. Make back-to-school a breeze by scheduling your child’s wellness physicals at one of our medical clinics. 

All children develop differently, both physically and mentally. Wellness appointments track physical and mental growth, screen developmental progress, and provide crucial vaccinations to protect your child from serious diseases. Therefore, wellness physicals are a great way to gauge your child’s overall health and development. 

As children age, they should be seeing their primary care provider for an annual checkup. These exams include a physical checkup and time to discuss topics like your child’s sleep, safety, and growth stages. As your child matures, wellness visits provide an opportunity to talk to your primary care provider about additional resources and services available to help your child grow up healthy and happy.

Annual wellness visits also create an opportunity to build relationships between your family and your primary care provider, which is an essential step for your child’s future. A team approach to family health is the best approach. Plus, insurance typically covers yearly wellness visits, so take advantage of the preventative care your child needs and deserves by calling one of our medical clinics to schedule your child’s checkup today.  

Pender Medical Clinic: 402.385.3033
Bancroft Medical Clinic: 402.648.7606
Beemer Medical Clinic: 402.528.3288
Emerson Medical Clinic: 402.695.2453

Know Before You Go
What Your Child Should Expect at their Wellness Physical:

  •  Height and weight measurements
  • Growth milestones and how they compare with appropriate growth charts
  • Developmental milestones
  • Vital signs, including blood pressure and heart rate
  • A urine specimen may be collected 
  • Eating and exercise habits discussion
  • Vaccinations

What You Should Bring to the Appointment:

  • Physical Form for School/Sports, if available and necessary
  • Family medical history
  • List of allergies
  • Questions you or your child have

So, don’t delay! Get your child in for care and start the new school year off with a clean bill of health. All of our primary care providers are currently welcoming new patients.