Leadership at Pender Community Hospital District is comprised of an administration team who works on site and a Board of Directors. Each is responsible for guiding the direction of the hospital district to achieve the mission “to provide a continuum of exceptional healthcare services in a healing environment for everyone.”

Our Administration Team 
PCHD is directed by a core group of business and healthcare professionals who have a wealth of experience. They are responsible for managing the medical and support staff of the hospital, clinics, centers and facilities that fall within our district. Additionally, they help with the day-to-day operations to ensure patients receive the best care possible.

Laura Gamble
Chief Executive Officer

Shane Schuster
Chief Operating Officer

Katie Peterson
Chief Nursing Officer

Lori Minert
Rural Health Clinic Director

Kathy Donnelly
Human Resources Director

Kim Hixson
Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors
Pender Community Hospital District, along with its affiliated Pender Care Centre District is governed by a Board of Directors elected by registered voters within the Pender Community Hospital District that was officially formed in 1969. This district consists of the western two-thirds of Thurston County, approximately 100 square miles of Cuming County and smaller sections of Burt and Wayne Counties. 

The current members include: 

  • Chairmain: Mike Minert
  • Vice Chairman: Lorraine Lander
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Sheri Fillipi
  • Member: Dee Moeller
  • Member: Marlon Hennig
  • The Board of Directors hold meetings on the last Monday of every month. To request board meeting minutes, contact us at 402-385-3083 or info@pchne.org.