Senior Care & Services


Senior Care & Services at Pender Community Hospital

As we grow older, nothing is more important than staying healthy, keeping active, and being able to do what we want on our own. Basically, what it comes down to is that later in life, all of us want to be as independent as possible and to make that possible, rely on the senior care services provided by Pender Community Hospital District. 

The Senior Care Services Available 
The primary goal of the senior care services we offer at PCH is to support our older patients any way that we can, ensuring their healthcare needs are met. This not only includes keeping them healthy physically, but mentally as well. 

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Prairie Breeze Assisted Living
Working on Wellness (W.O.W) Program
Geriatric Assessment
Meals on Wheels
  • If you have a question—or need more information about the senior care services available at PCH, please call 402-385-3083.