Nephrology at Pender Community Hospital

For the reliable diagnoses and treatment of kidney disease, hypertension, or other related kidney disorders, and issues choose the nephrology healthcare providers at the Pender Community Hospital’s Outpatient Specialty Clinic. 

What is Nephrology
Nephrology is a specialty within the internal medicine field that relates to caring for the kidneys, focusing on normal function of the kidneys, kidney disease, preserving the health of the kidneys, the treatment of kidney disease, and how all of these things are usually connected with hypertension and/or high blood pressure. Nephrologists will work with patients to diagnose, treat, and also manage both acute and chronic kidney issues. 

Our Nephrology Team and Services
The need for top quality, complete comprehensive care that’s close to home for patients who are dealing with kidney disease and other kidney conditions is extremely important. That is why we have a well-qualified team in place at PCH to do just that. Examples of the different kidney conditions our nephrology team can assist patients with are: 

  • High blood pressure/hypertension
  • Electrolyte disorders 
  • Genetic kidney disease
  • Acute kidney disease
  • Chronic kidney disease

Meet Our Provider 

Ashar Luqman, M.D.
  • Please call our Outpatient Specialty Clinic at 402-385-4090. Please visit our calendar to see when our healthcare providers are available to see patients.