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To help Pender Community Hospital & Medical Clinics staff, we’ve put together the following information for you to quickly find what you might need.

Resources to Assist You 

Ethics Committee – Guidance on matters relating to the Mission and Values, advance directives, end of life issues and patient rights are appropriately addressed with the ethics committee.

Medical Staff Office – If you are a privileged practitioner, you are encouraged to contact the QRM Manager.

Privacy and Security Officials – Contact your organization’s privacy and security officials if you have questions or concerns related to the use or protection of personal health information or confidential and proprietary business information.

Risk Management and Safety – If you have questions or concerns related to patient care or workplace safety, or are seeking guidance regarding the disclosure of medical errors or adverse events, please contact risk management.

Patient and Colleague Safety Event Reporting Systems – Pender Community Hospital organizations have reporting systems designed to assist colleagues, medical staff, and others in reporting “near misses”, errors and other events involving patient care or safety anonymously, if so desired. You should be familiar with the system used to report patient safety events in your organization. All colleague injuries, threats or “near misses” should be reported promptly to the colleague’s supervisor and the QRM Manager, if available.

Integrity & Compliance Line – You are encouraged to use one of the resources listed here to address your questions and concerns. However, if you are not comfortable using these resources or if the resources used have not fully resolved your concern, please contact the Pender Community Hospital Integrity & Compliance Line at 833-818-0855. You may choose to remain anonymous and all reports are treated confidentially.

Your Organization’s Integrity & Compliance Officer
Krista Trimble
Quality, Risk Management Manager
Compliance Officer

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