Pender Community Hospital is now certified as a Level 4 Trauma Center by the Nebraska Statewide Trauma System. “We have always done our best to provide great care for our trauma patients,” said Pender Community Hospital Trauma Coordinator, Kristin Salmon, MSN, RN. Now that the hospital is a certified Level 4 Trauma Center, its heightened status elevates the care that the ER team can provide. “A lot of work goes into obtaining this certification, but the requirements are things that make us better as a team and better prepared to care for any trauma patient that comes through our door,” Salmon continues.

The Nebraska Statewide Trauma System standardizes trauma care throughout the state, and a Level 4 distinction means that Pender Community Hospital can now provide basic trauma care, from treating minor traumas to stabilizing major traumas prior to transfer to a higher level of care. In order to receive the certification, PCH had to meet rigid criteria, particularly in performance improvement, nurse and provider education, and community outreach education.

Pender Community Hospital Trauma Director Dr. Matthew Felber emphasized that providing the best in patient care is the real impetus for pursuing the elevated certification. “The ER staff is constantly striving for any way that we can improve upon the already great care given here,” he stated. Dr. Felber also credits the hard work and tremendous collaboration of the ER staff and the entire PCH team who ensured that everything was expertly executed.

The intense certification process included the consultation by Nebraska representatives who review facility policy, clinical capabilities, qualifications, facility and resource capabilities, radiology and laboratory services, performance improvement and prevention strategies.

“Being recognized as a basic trauma center gives us more educational opportunities for our staff,” added Salmon, “and helps us keep up with the latest in trauma care best practices. It also provides us with guidelines for performance improvement which is necessary to provide the best care possible for our patients.”

Pender Community Hospital Emergency Room is located at 100 Hospital Drive in Pender, NE and is open at all times to assist patients.

About Pender Community Hospital District
Pender’s hospital dates back to 1913. Over the years, the Pender Community Medical System has become a model of an effective Rural Health System. Through the loyalty and generous support of everyone making up the hospital district, plus the dedication of the medical staff, Board of Directors, and hospital staff, we continue to deliver top quality health care.